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Dogeminer: Subreddit Community

Dogeminer 2: Back 2 The Moon™ is a clicker / incremental game in the browser. This is the community subreddit. There's rock-crushing & space-travel adventures. Mine dogecoins, hire fun helpers that have special upgrades, find loot to boost your stats & buy a Space Rocket to get to The Moon and beyond! Much wow.

Free the Worker, Enslave the Robot

**Technostism: full workplace automation, or the pursuit of such in the name of profiting directhenrly from automated labor** The Luddites feared machinery taking workers' jobs. We embrace it.

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bitcoin right now.
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Brace yourselves...
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Bitcoin at the moment
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: The Warframe wikia site might be bitcoin mining without your permission /r/Warframe

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[Spoilers S7] Here's what we know about the state of Earth before the bombs

Here's a compiled list of what Earth was like pre-apocalypse using details from the show. Jason Rothenberg has said if the prequel gets greenlit, he wants to implement a lot of flashbacks LOST style. These flashbacks may include references to the following:

Oil Depletion

Dust Storms

Water Shortages

Global Warming

Global Pandemic


Technological Advancements

Becca Franko, The Tech Celebrity

Financial Crisis

Drug Legalization

Battles in U.S. Cities

Resistance Groups & Terrorism

Asteroid Mining Penal Colony

Corrupt U.S. Government

Cult Mentality & Conspiracy Theories

That's what I got. If you spotted anything else from the show, feel free to share! :)
Edit: Thanks everyone for the kind words and the awards! Also, thanks to clwrutgers for asking me to make this list.
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Updating Bitcoin Billionaire Wikia

I noticed that there was a Wikia for Bitcoin Billionaire, but doesn't seem to have made much progress at all. Is there some other source for this information that I'm not aware of? If not, do you think we ought to start contributing to the Wikia ourselves? I did a bit of work myself for the past couple of hours.
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Yikes, might have a virus.

Have been using Igg-games for a while now, and because I wanted to play a specific game I downloaded it and the wonderful thing that Windows Defender is blocked it from running the .exe and deleted it because it contained Tiggre!rfn (uses your processor power to mine bitcoin). So I, being a curious human being decided to report this travesty to the Igg-games subreddit. I, however came across this one and looked at the mega-thread which pointed me towards the fact that Igg-games has many virus. Yikes. Doing a full scan now. Imgur link
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This was just deleted from Joi's blog. This is the cached version.

Joichi Ito's Affiliations and Financial Interests

Disclosing interests for transparency and avoidance of conflict of interest.
Small shareholdings of public companies and funds are not listed.
Last updated May 17, 2019.
Special note about Bitcoin related investments. Before starting the Digital Currency Initiative at the MIT Media Lab, I divested of any direct holdings of any companies directly involved in Bitcoin or Blockchain technology as their primary business. This included my stakes in Blockstream and Guardtime. Since then, the company I co-founded in the 90s, Digital Garage, where I still serve as a board member, has acquired shares of Blockstream. I have recused myself during any discussions about the transaction. Digital Garage is a public company and I am unable to prevent them from making such investments. In addition, I own < 0.1% of Digital Garage and have only a de minimis exposure to Blockstream through my stake in Digital Garage.

Academic Positions

Publicly Listed For-Profit Board Positions

Shareholdings in each public company with board position

Privately Held For-Profit Board Positions

Non-Profit Board Positions

Advisory Board Positions

Investment Funds

Direct or SPV holdings of shares, partnership interests, debt investments (convertible notes) stock options

Investments via Neoteny Labs

Investments via Neoteny 3

Investments via Neoteny 4


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It's not just Garena, from 2009 to 2013, Riot games was also using your computer to mine bitcoins (proof inside)

look at the facts league of legends alpha started in the first quarter of 2009... AT THE SAME TIME BITCOIN LAUNCHED
there were 3 items, PHILOSOPHER'S STONE, AVARICE BLADE and KAGE'S LUCKY PICK with a passive gold gain effect... now u might ask, how can Riot give you this extra gold??
but it gets better... on september of 2009, Riot went all in by adding HEART OF GOLD to the game, which also had a gold generation effect (proof). now with heart of gold, philosophers stone, avarice blade and kage's lucky pick, every role has a gold generation item
so if u are still wondering how riot made gold from thin air, the answer is very simple... gold generation items were actually MINING ITEMS, they were using your computer to mine bitcoin and paying you a small portion of the profits as the gold passive in the mining items
RIOT GAMES were doing this from 2009 to 2013 when they finally removed the items on patch 3.14
i have gathered conclusive evidence that matches the date of patch 3.14 on november 20th 2013 by analyzing the bitcoin market data as you can see this snapshot of the final quarter of 2013 (check the data yourself if you dont believe me) they removed the mining items causing a major supply shortage which drove the price up to an all time high and then sold all their ill gained bitcoins, u can verify that the dates match up perfectly yourself here
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Useful LoL websites and software | 2017

Intro: I saw the original thread back in 2015 and thought it needed some updating to the list since it's been over 2 years since that thread was posted and alot of the websites have been shutdown or closed and many new ones have came online. So I thought it would be a good time to update the list and add new websites to it. Credits for the original thread go to thepanthergaming.
Personal Stats ( Summoner Information)
Bitcoin Giveaway Discord Channel to 10 lucky winners:
Champion Stats & Bans & Counters
News/LCS/Pro Scene
Guides and League Information
Replay Softwares
YouTube Guides
Official Riot
If there is any website, software or youtubers missing just put them in the comments
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WWYDI a guy named Rifter tries to take over the multiverse?

On a desert planet named Planet Riftia, there lives a man named Rifter (original character). Rifter can open dimensional rifts, fly, and is invulnerable, physically strong, and highly intelligent. He doesn't need to eat, sleep, drink or breathe. He's 5 foot 10 inches tall.

Rifter decides to take over the multiverse. To do that, he must take the most important object from each universe and place it in his own universe. After he has done that for every universe, he will gain total omnipotence over the multiverse, and he'll be truly unstoppable.

An example of the 'most important object of the universe' would be the Triforce from The Legend of Zelda, or the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic.

The universes Rifter will try to take over are:
planet riftia (Rifter's home universe), real life, super mario, the legend of zelda, CDI zelda, pokemon (main series games), pokemon (main series anime), pokemon origins, pokemon (main series manga), sonic, sonic boom, sonic the comics, crash bandicoot, halo, call of duty, earthbound, undertale, five nights at freddy's, fnaf world, superman 64 (game), DC cinematic universe, superfriends (cartoon), Marvel cinematic universe, ghostbusters, ghostbusters (2016), pac man, mega man (classic timeline), mega man fully charged, mega man (battle network timeline), bomberman, the lego movie, scooby doo, super meat boy, rage comics, wreck it ralph, skylanders, teen titans, teen titans go, the a-team, knight rider, the goonies, mortal kombat, street fighter, blend s, vocaloid, utau, spyro the dragon, simpsons, futurama, harry potter, fantastic beasts and where to find them, lord of the rings, mission impossible, gremlins, gnomeo and juliet, powerpuff girls, powerpuff girls Z , powerpuff girls (2016), beetlejuice, my little pony friendship is magic, black rock shooter (song), black rock shooter (anime), black rock shooter (psp game), midway arcade, portal, plants vs zombies, machinarium, rock em sock em robots, baldi's basics, puzzle puppers, crane game toreta, snipperclips, tetris, Madou Monogatari, puyo puyo, kirby, lego city undercover, ninjago, chima, nexo knights, diary of a wimpy kid (books), diary of a wimpy kid (movies), poptropica, poptropica worlds, poptropica (comics), resident evil, peanuts, robot chicken, scribblenauts, splatoon, arms, bee movie, shrek, octopath traveller, bubsy, fifa, drawn to life, drawn together, toy story, a bug's life, finding nemo, wall-e, the good dinosaur, inside out, captain underpants (books), captain underpants (movie), timmy failure, spongebob, the loud house, fairly oddparents, invader zim, cow and chicken, samurai jack (original), samurai jack (reboot), adventure time, regular show, steven universe, clarence, uncle grandpa, plague inc, sailor moon, sailor moon crystal, ghost trick, ace attorney, professor layton, looney tunes, yu gi oh, beyblade, yo kai watch, cars, team fortress, half life, the sims, cory in the house, annoying orange, my hero acadamia, mr. peabody and sherman, e.t the extra terrastrial, back to the future, rick and morty, family guy, doki doki literature club, angry birds, fruit ninja, jetpack joyride, out there, akinator, dragon ball, dragon ball z, lego dimensions, super smash bros, star wars, charlie and the chocolate factory, willy wonka and the chocolate factory, lonely wolf treat, syrup and the ultimate sweet, first kiss at a spooky soiree, romance detective, tunnel vision, kaima, her tears were my light, mermaid splash passion festival, the twilight zone, disaster log c, yandere simulator, yanderella, mikoto nikki, mix ore, the dark side of red riding hood, makoto mobius, you me and empty words, shihori escape, tsukimi planet, full boko youchien, love live, menhera fresia, roco kingdom, sai er hao, mole, hawaiian slammers, planes, frozen, tangled, one piece, fairy tail, naruto, persona, digimon, no matter how i look at it, it's you guys fault i'm not popular, i can't believe my little sister is this cute, idolmaster, highschool dxd, hihi puffy ami yumi, momoe link, minecraft, minecraft: story mode, locked heart, confess my love, transparent black, nintendo badge arcade, swapdoodle, world of goo, rayman, little inferno, amazing alex, banjo kazooie, yooka lele, sly cooper, RWBY, despicable me, minions, WWE, nomad of nowhere, bravest warriors, xenoblade, punch out, contra, silent hill, tokimeki memorial, spelunker, spelunky, zork, bit trip, VVVVVV, runman race around the world, N, princess tomato in the salad kingdom, hitman, tomb raider, metal gear solid, fire emblem, animal crossing, metroid, gradius, zone of the enders, parodius, i wanna be the guy, jumper, braid, alien hominid, castle crashers, charlie murder, the emoji movie, castlevania, animator vs animation, brave, hello neighbor, the storey treehouse, wacky game jokez 4 kidz, nightmare before christmas, bayonetta, mii channel, warioware, donkey kong country, yoshi, unikitty, sword art online, squid girl, slenderman, the flintstones, berenstain bears, the jetsons, okami, sushi striker way of the sushido, shovel knight, kid icarus, jurrasic park, tom gates, paper mario, art academy, fortnite, player unknown's battlegrounds, fallout, the land before time, doctor who, the lego batman movie, himegoto, marchen madchen, bojack horseman, total drama, toradora, one punch man, attack on titan, pleasant goat and big big wolf, full metal alchemist, the wizard of oz, super smosh, alfred and poe, dev guy, valentine panic, seduce me the otome, trick and treat, haruka winter dreams, scratch, 9 (film), 9 (video game), problem solverz, animal inspector, liar liar, love or die, misSHAPEn love, pervert&yandere, paper roses, bookSLEEPer, heartbaked, lads in distress, telletubbies, thomas the tank engine, the walking dead, the big bang theory, 13 reason why, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, gumby, gravity falls, welcome to the wayne, tom and jerry, baka to test, golden time, searching, taken, charming, ballerina, home improvement, the sandlot, flappy bird, swing copters, earth chan, turbo, pocket protectors, boxboy, barefoot bandits, letter quest, overcooked, hydlide, oh sir!, taco man plays a video game, taco man the game master, pepsiman, buck bunny, voez, deemo, cytus, kitten squad, super mario logan, dr. stone, bee and puppycat, over the garden wall, star vs the forces of evil, power rangers, danny phantom, jimmy neutron, dexter's lab, foster's home for imaginary friends, chowder, the amazing world of gumball, we bare bears, felix the cat, bendy and the ink machine, outbreak company, tokyo mew mew, madoka magica, card captor sakura, ghostmates, boxman (original), boxman (comics), that damn neighbor, bunsen is a beast, coco, monsters inc, monsters university, the incredibles, spirited away, becky prim, kim possible, meet the robinsons, the little mermaid, robin hood, zootopia, taiko drum master, alien, the lego ninjago movie, what would you do, jersey shore, monty python, gundam, the muppets, alf, neon genesis evangelion, the x files, godzilla, final destination (film), ice age, lilo and stitch, robocop, the terminator, saw (film), the purge, 50 shades of grey, tron, dead space, overwatch, the king of fighters, ratchet and clank, jak and daxter, tekken, a boy and his blob, ace combat, adventure island, adventures of lolo, aero the acro-bat, ape escape, asteroids, battletoads, spooky's house of jumpscares, the call of cthulhu, chibi robo, frankenstein, dracula, boku no pico, burgertime, citrus, putt putt, pajama sam, prison tycoon, roller coaster tycoon, restaraunt empire, frogger, freddi fish, fatty bear, spy fox, gal gun, game and watch, guitar hero, rock band, the man with the invisible trousers, the curious case of benjiman button, passpartout, just dance, sega hard girls, kinectimals, left 4 dead, life is strange, littlebigplanet, loveplus, nights, naughty bear, ted, houdini (french animated movie), q bert, pixels (movie), touhou project, toejam and earl, the oregon trail (game), the organ trail, yakuza (game), mall tycoon, zoo tycoon, yukon trail (game), detention (game), the nutshack, lazytown, purgatory (game), desolate village, the desolate hope, the pilgrim's progress, the holy bible, captain bible, bad milk (game), journey to the west, captain toad, death squared, buddhism (religion), jewism (religion), islam (religion), hinduism (religion), taoism (religion), mormomism (religion), watch_dogs, sleeping dogs, paletta, wrecking crew, sara is missing, simulacra, welcome to the game, rides with strangers, a normal lost phone, mogeko castle, wahanodora and the great blue sea, little nightmares, little einsteins, sally face, fran bow, kick the buddy, super planet dolan, dr. jekyll and mr. hyde, phineas and ferb, big nate, nate is late, the ring (horror movie), inanimate insanity, my little pony equestria girls, winx club, tinkerbell, sausage party, the hobbit, duck hunt, starfox, f-zero, enchanted (disney movie), roblox, hearthstone, talking tom, crossy road, granny (horror game), the titanic (movie), dexter (show), how i met your mother, el tigre, mucha lucha, the book of life, cuphead, water world (movie), gradeaundera, foodfight, cyanide and happiness, jojo's bizzare adventure, the grim adventures of billy and mandy, the brave little toaster, fusionfall, playstation all stars battle royal, scott pilgrim vs. the world, club penguin, sonic.exe, pivot stick animator, mr. bean, skitzo, captain n the game master, detective pikachu, pokemon mystery dungeon, waluigi travels through the multiverse, parappa the rapper, god of war, uncharted, bioshock, paperboy, gauntlet, 720°, blaster (midway), bubbles (midway), marble madness, defenders, joust (midway), klax, roadblasters, robotron, spy hunter, spy vs spy, super sprint, tomodachi life, miitomo, xbox avatars, keflings, cloudberry kingdom, girls like robots, can your pet, snail (the flash game), snail bob, drawfee, the king's avatar, king's knight, king's quest, monster bark, haunt the house, detective grimoire, sort the court, wallace and gromit, frankenweenie, atelier (games), recettear, tales of, lost sphear, peta propaganda games, cooking mama, gish, aquaria, owlboy, alex kidd, space channel 5, mighty number 9, blaster master, vroom in the night sky, azure striker gunvolt, senran kagura, disgaea, the legend of dark witch, pico's school, riddle school, clock crew, lock legion, steamshovel harry, bionicle, hero factory, lego alien conquest, x-com, chantelise, yobi's basic spelling tricks, typing of the dead, cartoon all-stars to the rescue, where's wally, where's waldo, carmen sandiego, adam ruins everything, south park, human centipede, collegehumor, kingdom hearts, king kong, friday the 13th, nightmare on elm street, edward scissorhands, batman 1966, devil may cry, final fantasy, food wars, smosh, the diamond minecart, anthony padilla, the hunchback of notre dame, teenage mutant ninja turtles, who framed roger rabbit?, the angry video game nerd, mario & sonic at the olympic games, james bond, epic (movie), dance dance revolution, ed edd n eddy, hey arnold, codename: kids next door, galactic kids next door, back to backspace, big city greens, danger planet, 12 forever, infinity train, jack and jill (adam sandler), red dog, red dog true blue, air buds, 101 dalmations, good mythical morning, element animations, an egg's guide to minecraft, black rhino ranger, the suite life of zack and cody, that's so raven, milo murphy's law, even stevens, pete and pete, malcom in the middle, hotel transylvania, ducktales, elena of avalor, sofia the first, the proud family, the emporor's new groove, american dragon: jake long, fanboy and chum chum, fish hooks, smart house (movie), invisible dad (movie), tender loving care, my magic dog (movie), boy meets world, 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papers please, blocksworld, iron pants, happy wheels, super virgin squad, the truman show, edtv, duck life, the everyday ordinary adventures of samamtha browne, cinderella phenomenon, our home (visual novel), a day in the life of a slice of bread, a(t)rium, date almost anything sim, [email protected], stalker & yandere, tealy and orangey, geometry dash, the joy of creation, five nights at candy's, those nights at rachael's, five night's at wario's, wario date, duck season (vr horror game), the horribly slow murderer with the extremely inefficient weapon, mcdonald's, the karate kid, llamas with hats, the misfortune of being ned, super hexagon, perfect dark, dane boe, devil's world, balloon fight, h3h3productions, gnoggin, cinemasins, cinemawins, yo gabba gabba, crazy frog, angels of death (rpg), imaginary friends (rpg), pocket mirror (rpg), cherry tree high comedy club, pony island, huniepop, huniecam studio, tattletail, corpes party, friendship (horror rpg), aria's story (rpg), 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(game), second life, shower with your dad simulator, what's under your blanket!? (game), battle raper, The Maiden Rape Assault: Violent Semen Inferno, witch trainer, hetalia, ouran high school host club, rinse and repeat (game), wikia, deviantart, mystic messanger, moemon (a pokemon rom hack), segagaga, football manager (sega), crossfire (first person shooter), flicky, captain novalin, sega bass fishing, hiragana pixel party, captain rainbow, wonderful 101, the elder scrolls, scrolls (mojang), colbalt (mojang), candy crush saga, sharknado, who killed captain alex, archie comics, smokey bear, mcgruff the crime dog, smosh the movie, hell's kitchen, neighbours from hell (game), neighbors from hell (animated show), danganronpa, veggietales, oishi high school battle, teleporting fat guy, smosh babies, planets (shut up cartoons), the day my butt went psycho (tv show), the day my bum went psycho (books), what's with andy, the andy griffith show, leave it to beaver, pikmin, face raiders, part timers (smosh), trollface quest, coraline, alladin (disney), chibi miku san, dreams (when you sleep), vsauce, kilarin revolution, stellar theater, hanazuki: full of treasure, penn zero: part time hero, the croods, shawn the sheep, shakugan no shana, early man, walking with dinosaurs, league of angels, league of legends, world of warcraft, starcraft, stardew valley, rune factory, harvest moon, botanicula, fingered (game), love live, highschool dxd, lucky star, akame ga kill, kill la kill, cowboy bebop, mmo junkie, KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!, Natsuiro High School: Seishun Hakusho, Summer-Colored High School ★ Adolescent Record — A Summer At School On An Island Where I Contemplate How The First Day After I Transferred, I Ran Into A Childhood Friend And Was Forced To Join The Journalism Club Where While My Days As A Paparazzi Kid With Great Scoops Made Me Rather Popular Among The Girls, But Strangely My Camera Is Full Of Panty Shots, And Where My Candid Romance Is Going, short circuit (film), boyhood (film), honey, i shrunk the kids, in another world with my smartphone, wizard 101, sociolitron, runescape, i was reincarnated as a sword, i was reincarnated as a magic academy, My Reincarnation as a Hot Spring in a Different World is Beyond Belief ~ It's Not Like Being Inside You Feels Good or Anything!?, island (anime), crush crush, yandere (, kimi to kanojo no koi, kimi to mita sora no uta, city connection, cinders (visual novel), adventure capitalist, tiny tower, pocket plane, pocket train, pocket frogs, i am shape series, melancholic (vocaloid song), hatsune miku: unofficial hatsune mix, stargazer (vocaloid song), love trial (vocaloid song), to you of the future, i give every song, pou, my little bastard, evolution (cow evolution, platypus evolution, ect), dear diary: the secrets of anna, episode (game), kim kardashian: hollywood, campus life (mobile game), inkflow, sabreman, kameo: elements of power, it's mr. pants, whatever happened to... robot jones?, moetron, extra credits (youtuber), snakes on a plane, crazy rich asians, my strange addiction, toddlers and tiaras, soul eater, suki yuki maji magic, ultraman, the adventures of kid danger, johnny test, justice league action, youtube, brawl in the family (web comic), meteor 60 seconds, ok ko, counterstrike, boboiboy, dragonvale, crush the castle, demonic crepes, barbie, lego elves, spy kids, baby geniuses, laserblast (movie), giftpia, panel de pon, devil world, shin onigashima, nazo no murasamejo (The Mysterious Murasame Castle), nigahiga, dragon city (mobile game), clash of clans, clash royale, keep talking and nobody explodes, my life as a teenage robot, no anime penguin, gender bender dna twister extreme, inuyasha, inuyashika, scream (movie), manuel samuel, flipping death, tiny thief, boom beach, reign (game), the escapists, a hat in time, murder police, dragalia lost, aqua teen hunger force, dora the explorer, doraemon, inception, the matrix, fight club, the godfather, white chicks (movie), dumb and dumber, baseketball, the breakfast club (movie), donnie darko, the devil wears prada, darkwing duck, jaws, mean girls, the room, lost (tv show), never been kissed (movie), tarzan, the sixth sense, the help (movie), the shining, rocky (movie), sing (movie), blade runner, cut the rope, enter the ninja (1981), You only live twice (1967), surf ninjas (1993), Draw With Jazza, dork diaries, Lifeline (3 minute games), Project Hyrax, future diary, sonic the hedgehog (movie), panty and stocking, todo: today, happy heroes, asura's wrath, a certain magical index, zone archive, and 3 ninjas (1992)

Rifter will NOT gain omnipotence until he has collected the most important item from EVERY universe.

Just to clarify, Rifter only opens one rift at a time, when he's travelling to and from dimensions. He also makes rifts sometimes if he's attacking, or summoning an object he wants, or something like that. When he's done using a rift, he closes it.

However, Rifter will have to open many rifts along his journey. He opens so much rifts, that the space time continuum becomes unstable, resulting in random rifts opening and closing throughout the multiverse. Rifter isn't aware on how to make space time less unstable, so as his journey goes on, more and more random rifts will appear.

The random rifts will occur so often, that is it guranteed you will get sucked into one and experience at least 90% of the universes.

Rifter will start in his own universe. The universe he goes to first will be Real Life. After that, he'll do the rest in a random order.


What would you do in this situation?
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Post Pull Depression - Summoner Wars

Hello and welcome to Post Pull Depression, the only thread that knows best Garnet is not long haired or short haired Garnet, but the Garnet that can’t talk.
Hey, it’s the two month delayed FF9 banner! Miracles can happen! That guy who does the banner guessing posts should be fired! At least that gave me plenty of time to replay FF9 since my reviews are the singular voice of this sub and you need to know what I think so you can think the same! Too bad I initially didn’t make it too far since it plays in 30 FPS. It only took about five minutes before I was profusely vomiting from 30 FPS sickness. Totally unplayable on PC, so I booted it up on the PS1 and since it doesn’t display FPS in the bottom left corner everything was fine! I was able to complete my 4th or 5th(?) playthrough!
FF9 is one of the few games that’s actually better played when you’re an adult. The themes of mortality, purpose in life, the amazing bond between Zidane and Vivi are all lost on bratty, angsty teenagers. Plus, there’s a peeing scene! What more can you ask for? Go replay it!
Now, before this gets delayed another 2 months, let’s take a look at the units!

Black Waltz 3Black Waltz 3 Lives Matter

Black Mage: Steroids
The Black Waltz are the early game bad guys who are sent to re-kidnap Garnet.
”I exist only to kill!”
Yeah, that’s the guy we should send to get the princess back. I see no problems here!
”I brought her back… in pieces…”
Presents Garnet’s severed head to Queen Brahm
Thus ends my FF9 guro fanfic. (Note: do not google image search guro at work, or at home, or anywhere really…)
Mist: LoL
Mist - Inflict poison and paralyze (100%) to all enemies
And we all know that the best PS1 rpg with mist is… Legend of Legaia! That game had fantastic fishing in it. We need a Legend of Legaia crossover! And a Legend of the River King one too! You all got your doggo, let me have a 5* river king flopping around Magikarp style. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a list, here’s the best JRPG fishing:
I just heard that Stardew Valley has good fishing. IS THIS TRUE!? I’ve never felt like playing “knockoff” Harvest Moon, but if the fishing is great, then I’ll do it. Also, I’m looking for a good cell phone fishing game (already tried A Girl Adrift) tell me if you know one. Also, tell me how I went from Black Waltz 3 to fishing, stream of consciousness is a crazy thing.
Black Impulse: +20% MAG & +25% Fire/Ice/Thunder Resist
For when your magic tank also needs to do magic damage! Let me do a little cross-referencing here… [units that benefit from MAG] intersect [units that benefit from element resist] = []. Oh, shoot it’s that damn empty set again...


A five star max unit is a slap in the face at this point in the game… is what I want to say. But let’s be real here… if Bee Dubs 3 could go to 6* would anyone use him? No. So let’s just pretend he’s a 3* max unit because no one will level him anyways to find out.


Comic: Relief
Every game needs its comic relief character! Oh wait that’s Quina… what the hell does Steiner do then? Or does that mean Quina is not a comic relief character? Maybe s/he is the entire point of FF9? THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!
Steiner > Beatrix
When he was 23, he dueled with Alexandria's best swordsman, Beatrix, and won due to sheer luck.
Wow! I did not know that! Be grateful those of you who don’t pull Beatrix but get Steiner instead! Lucky you!
Skills: One
Oh! He has multiple skills that start with “Sword Art!”
Sword Art - Thunder Sword Physical damage (3x) to one enemy Decrease lightning resistance (50%) for 3 turns to one enemy
Sword Art - Stock Break Physical damage (2x) to all enemies Decrease DEF/SPR (40%) for 3 turns to all enemies
Sword Art - Shock Physical damage (2x) with ignore DEF (50%) to one enemy
Sweet! So I’m sure he learns W-Sword Art, right? Right? WRONG! Way to set the standard and then not follow it...
Excalibur II - 130 ATK Light Element Greatsword
Excalibur TWO? This needs some ‘splaining!
Oshiete TomAto-sensei!
Excalibur II is obtained by reaching the final dungeon of the game within 12 hrs! That’s right, you have to go all the way through the game super quick, oh and FMV times count which is closer to a full hour than not!
FF9 Excalibur I Stats:
It provides 77 Attack, its element is Holy, and teaches Climhazzard.
FF9 Excalibur II Stats:
It has an attack power of 108, its element is Holy, and teaches Minus Strike, Climhazzard, and Stock Break.
Totally worth ruining your entire playthrough for!
LB: Vivi
Flare Sword - Physical damage (4.7x) with ignore DEF (50%) to one enemy
I already posted this in Lowered Expectations aka Pre-Pull Depression, but here’s Steiner summoning Vivi in his LB. Figured I’d post it for you since no one will actually put Rusty in their party.
Regret: HIGH
Fuck you Beer Steiner for making me pull for you just to get 10 more ATK on my Orlandu. The only thing that could get me to lower this is if you had fantastic Yoshitaka Amano artwork, but I don’t see something that specific ever happen-- oh… ok that’s pretty badass. Fine. MEDIUM.

EikoProject Eiko

Loli: S
Finally this game is playable now that we have BS Sakura and Eiko. Soon Kid Rydia soon… We all know why Kid Rydia is more powerful than Adult Rydia. The Power of Loli! Please read that like the Power of Greyskull. Also, I’m counting this as my 80’s song for this PPD. Also, I will probably reuse this joke when I do the actual PPD for Kid Rydia’s banner.
Skills: Bit
Crypto Performance - Heal (1000 HP, 10x) to all allies Increase evocation gauge (1-3)
Really, cryptocurrency has to appear here too? What next? A special 5* guaranteed bitcoin summon?
TMR: Flute
Angel Flute - Harp 10 ATK, 48 MAG, 98 SPR, HP +10%
What other flute does she play? No! Not that you sickos! Jesus Christ she’s like 6 yrs old! I was talking about Golem’s Flute, Lamia’s Flute and Siren’s Flute. You people should be ashamed of yourselves!
Summon: Any
Summoner's Horn - Can summon Espers equipped by other allies
This horny little girl… goddammit I said stop that! She literally has a horn! Anyways, this girl WITH A HORN can summon any party member’s esper. Freeing up Bahamut for your damage dealers, or Carbuncle reflect shenanigans etc. Why goomie also gave this to 6* Garnet the day before they released Eiko is beyond me, but thank you!

Regret: LOW

Her 7* form pushes her more toward healing: AoE revive, HP Barriers and AoE MP regen. Combined with her previous kit that makes her an extremely viable healer. Sadly no reraise though. Oh and she’s a loli, so that pretty much gets her an automatic LOW at worst.

BeatrixBeatrix Did Nothing Everything Wrong

Earth Shrine: Hero
Finally we get a unit that’s custom made for the Earth Shrine! Is there any other character in FF history with more rat killing experience? #Burmecia #WarCriminal
Eye: Patch
Is Beatrix the one who started the whole girls with eyepatches thing? I am a man of many fetishes, but I have never gotten this one. I sorta get the bandaged girl thing which occasionally overlaps with eyepatches (Rei Ayanami) and the whole forbidden power eyepatch (Megumin aka best girl), but just straight up eyepatch? No thanks.
Seiken: Densetsu?
Seiken - Shock: Physical damage (2.65x) with ignore DEF (50%) to one enemy
I just saw Seiken! SEIKEN! Are we getting the Seiken Densetsu 3 collab? No? Don’t tell me seiken is just some super common anime term that means holy sword or something… oh it does… sigh… well at least unlike Rusty she can W-Seiken, right? Right? WRONG AGAIN! As long as DW doesn’t screw up her chaining I guess she’s… oh shit it does, doesn’t it? Hey goomie, if you fix her chaining in GL on her release, guess what? People will pull for her! It’s in all our best interests if you don’t release broken units!
Save the Queen - Greatsword +135 ATK, +25% LB Fill Rate, Resist Fire(30%)
Save the Queen, huh? How’d that work out for you Bea? I guess you and Agrias can go hang out with your failed swords. Maybe start a club? The “I Let My Queen Die And Now Have a Misnamed Sword” Club? We can work on the name...

Regret: MEDIUM (eventually LOW)

If it makes you Beatrix lovers feel better (weirdos) eventually Beatrix becomes great. Her enhancements fix her wonky chaining and her 7* form adds a ridiculous 4200% hybrid attack. Until then though just listen to this fantastic rendition of her theme. I think I may be allergic to this song as it makes my eyes water. Very weird how allergies work.

Post Pull Depression

Did I mention that FF9 is a very good game? Definitely grab the Steam port (unlike CT) and make sure to turn off the FPS counter (so you don’t get ill). I recommend playing with the boosters that max out your abilities as soon as you get the weapon for it (this gives you all Blue Magic immediately though…) and max out your gil too! Also, when you get sick of fighting just turn off random encounters! Oh, and when you’re close enough to the end just set all your character to level 99 and breeze right through it! I don’t know what impact this would have on a first playthrough, but it’s a godsend for the working man who has a stack of games to get through! Just be sure not to play too long or you’ll get cancer!
Don’t forget to check out ET’s full banner review here. Whoops wrong link, but too funny to change it. Here is the correct one. He dropped the letter ranking so now I have to read what he actually wrote before I go tell him how wrong he is in the comments. I don’t approve of this change… Hey Meme’s still posting on reddit too! Here’s his Eiko review. Most people give up by now! How long will he last? And in the eleventh hour the Beatrix review gets posted, so that too now gets the PPD bump.
And now I’ll leave--
You stand before the final dimension, and I am the darkness of eternity…
Huh? Oh shit, is that you Necron? What are you doing here?
All life bears death from birth. Life fears death, but lives only to die. It starts with anxiety. Anxiety becomes fear. Fear leads to anger... anger leads to hate... hate leads to suffering... The only cure for this fear is total destruction.
Ok, first you can’t just randomly pop up at the end of things. Second, you stole part of that from Yoda.
...Now, the theory is undeniable. All things live to perish. At last, life has uncovered this truth. Now, it is time to end this world.
Yeah.. have you tried posting on im14andthisisdeep?
I exist for one purpose... To return everything back to the zero world, where there is no life and no crystal to give life. In a world of nothing, fear does not exist. This is the world that all life desires.
Yeah, yeah, whatever. See ya next banner!
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My first time on the deep web

I year ago, when I was still 13, I watched some Youtube videos and I walked to the wrong path.
So this is the story:
2st of May 2017, 8 PM - So it was a chill night, I was eating some popcorn and just browsing the Youtube on my PC. After scrolling for about 5 minutes in trending, I saw a pretty good video. The name of the video was "Cicada 3301 story". In the video, the Youtuber was telling us the story about the "Deep Web" mystery, Cicada 3301. But the problem was, "what is deep web ?". So I made a quick search on google, but all I understood was that deep web is the web that cannot be accesed with google. I made another search and I found the actual browser, TOR. So I downloaded TOR but just before hitting "run" my mum came in and she said it was the time to get in bed.
3rd of May 2017, 2 PM - I came back from school and turned on my PC. Then locked all my doors and run the Tor Browser. First I searched for google but no site. So I found a site named Wikia or something, and there was some sites. I entered on a drugs one and I found a lot of thing, from drugs to minecraft accounts. But the problem was the currency, what was Bitcoin ? Made a quick search on google and I found that Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. Ok after all of this things already explained, I made an account on that drugs site. After that I saw a listing for some Meth. I direct messaged the guy just to troll him. He answered very fast and I talked to him about that Meth. He lost interest in me, so he send me a onion link to a Gun Market and he said "buy one and kill yourself". Ok so now it started to get creepy. I entered on the site and I found lots of guns. From nerf to multiple rocket launchers. So I found a very cheap one and dm the seller.
4th of May 2017, 16 PM - After I came back from the mall I checked my inbox and I saw I recieved a respond from that gun seller at 15 PM. So I began talk to him about all of the buy and things. After 1 hour of talk, I told him it was all a joke, but he got very mad. His last words was "we'll see". That really freaked me out so I just closed the Tor and made my homework.
8th of May 2017, 14 PM - In that 4 days, nothing happened, I didn't accesed Tor or anything associated with deep web. At 14:30 PM, a courier ringed at my door. I was home alone so he said I need to sign for the package. It was a 4 inch box, taped with some transparent scotch. I opened it and I just found a sheet of paper. On that paper it was writen with upper letters a link to an onion site. Down the text, it was writen "enter for your poor life". Ok so that scared me a lot. I locked the door once again and I opened Tor and write that site in. It was a Hacker Forum, but it auto send me to a chat. After 2 minutes, the man in the chat said "Oh you arrived the littel one, I was expecting you to join. I am Garry, and I am gonna be your mother, your fatcher and your god from now. If you are not respecting me, someone dies, understood ?". I was scared as hell so I replyed with an yes. He then gave me a task he just told me to send Gustav, the gun seller who I trolled, 100$ dollars for no reason. At that moment I wanted to leave but I remembered what Garry said. So I said goodbye to Garry and I told him I will find the money for Gustav.
10th of May 2017, 15:20 PM - After I send the money to Gustav, I texted Garry. Garry was very happy about that. And he said he got a surprise for me.
11th of May 2017, 2:15 AM - A very weird sound waked me up. I gone downstairs, and found a letter at the enterance in the house. The letter was from Garry. The only word in the letter was: "done". I opened the main door and I found a bully from my school. But...not in the perfect condition. His tongue was ripped, his clothes burned and his hair ripped out of his head. I puke for about 4 minutes till I began puking some thick blood. After that I said that no one need to see that so I took a shovel and put the dead corpose on my bike and drive to the forest. When I arrived I dig I hole and put the corpose in it. Cover it up and put some leaves on it. I started to get home and I recieved a message on facebook from someone named "erigh argihy". The mesage was actually from Garry that said: You don't need to get home boy. That message scared me so I got home as fast as I could. The main door was opened. In looked left and saw the garage but when I looked right...I saw my parent hanging out of the ceiling. I fell off on my knees and started crying. Then in the dark I saw a siluette coming from the stairs. I get up and started running back to the forest. At the enterance in the forest 4 guys dressed in black were staring at me. I began running till I saw another man hanged in a tree. He was naked but on his chest was written with blood the name Garry. Then a fresh cold air gone down my spine. I looked behind and I saw a man in black trench coat, with a rope in his hand. He gave me the rope while I was freezing scared. He tied the rope around the tree and I just tied the rope more.
Now I am where I deserve. Now I am with my mom, with my dad and even Garry. Now I am free.
OUT OF CHARACTER I hope you guys really liked my first creepypasta, I am actually a 14 years old from Romania so please don't mind the bad spelling and thank you for all of your attention.
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Bitcoins são um mimo mais inútil que figurinhas da Copa do Mundo

Em qualquer rodinha de grisalhos hoje em dia, o papo não é mais o Viagra ou Cialis, nem troca de dicas p/ no Tinder atrair gatinhas que queiram homens maduros. É a porra do bitcoin. Essa semana tentei ajudar a vedete do momento a ter um valor real, útil e falhei miseravelmente, o que compartilharei com vossas senhorias nesse rant.
O que tentei nessa semana foi passar a aceitar bitcoins como forma de pagamento aos serviços essensais ao funcionamento da internet: colocation, trânsito IP, CDN e mitigação de DDoS. Isso permitiria que serviços digitais, online, pudessem custear sua operação de infra-estrutura com bitcoins o que por sua vez também permitiria que seus clientes dos joguinhos online, VPN, e-mail etc. pagassem pelo serviço com bitcoin, fazendo uma economia girar.
E me deparei com os seguintes problemas:
Resultado? Não é possível prover um serviço que faça parte de uma cadeia produtiva real, que faça a economia girar e ser remunerado por ele em criptomoedas. Nesse sentido, cédulas do Banco Imobiliário ou figurinhas da Copa do Mundo são mais úteis. Com uma caixa de figurinhas em ano de Copa na porta de uma escola você as troca por dinheiro vivo rápido, sem taxas, no strings attached.
Lembram daqueles jogos estilo Colheita Feliz? Que o povo torrava dinheiro para ter uma árvore de Bis de limão, uma vaca que dava Nescau direto da teta? Hoje o jogo saiu de moda e esses "ativos digitais" valem porcaria nenhuma. Bitcoin é isso, um arquivo da moda que hoje tem muito valor especulativo. Mas quando a moda passar ou você tentar realmente beber o Nescau da sua vaca da Fazendinha Feliz, verá que esse valor não está conectado ao mundo real.
Se não é uma moeda digital, o que é bitcoin então? É na minha humilde avaliação de alguém quem tem uma atividade econômica relevante, que emprega gente, paga impostos e gera riqueza nada mais é do que uma nova modalidade de pirâmide: um esquema abstrato, um produto sem real aplicação no mundo real (ex.: boi gordo, avestruz, TelexFree, TalkFusion) que você tem que pagar para entrar. E quanto mais gente entra, mais o valor do finito bitcoin sobe, os espertos vendem quando o valor fica bem além do que pagaram para entrar e pulam de para-quedas do esquema enquanto os trouxas ficam no avião sem saber que não há mais piloto e a rota é de colisão para o chão.
Bitcoin poderia ser muita coisa boa. O potencial realmente é fantástico, não adianta vir nos comentários tentar me catequizar no que ele poderia/poderá ser. Estou falando do presente. Não vivemos no mundo imaginário The Sims - onde o que imaginamos acontece. Vivemos no mundo real. Onde há câmbio, há fisco, há o estado e seus monopólios. O bitcoin não nos libertará assim como os Simoleons não nos libertaram.
Nada de útil se vende em bitcoin, nada de útil compra em bitcoin, serviços relevantes, bens relevantes não são e não serão trocados usando bitcoin como intermédio. Empresas que mineram, guardam, negociam e convertem bitcoin são tão malévolas quanto bancos tradicionais e seus juros. The cake is a lie.
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The Great NiceHash Profit Explanation - for Sellers (the guys with the GPUs & CPUs)

Let's make a couple of things crystal clear about what you are not doing here:
But hey, I'm running MINING software!
What the hell am I doing then?!?
Who makes Profit, and how?
How is it possible everyone is making a profit?
Why do profits skyrocket, and will it last (and will this happen again)?
But my profits are decreasing all the time >:[
But why?!? I’m supposed to make lotsa money out of this!!!
But WHY!!!
  1. Interest hype -> Influx of Fiat money -> Coins quotes skyrocket -> Influx of miners -> Difficulty skyrockets -> Most of the price uptrend is choked within weeks, since it’s now harder to mine new blocks.
  2. Interest hype drains out -> Fiat money influx declines -> Coins quotes halt or even fall -> Miners still hold on to their dream -> Difficulty stays up high, even rises -> Earnings decrease, maybe even sharply, as it's still harder to mine new blocks, that may be even paid less.
So, how to judge what’s going on with my profits?
Simple breakdown of the relationship of BTC payouts by NiceHash, BTC/ALT Coins rates, and Fiat value:
BTC quote | ALTs quotes | BTC payout | Fiat value ----------------------------------------------------- UP | UP | stable*) | UP stable | UP | UP | UP UP | stable | DOWN | stable*) stable | stable | stable | stable DOWN | stable | UP | stable*) stable | DOWN | DOWN | DOWN DOWN | DOWN | stable*) | DOWN 
Some rather obvious remarks:
More help:
Disclaimer: I'm a user - Seller like you - not in any way associated with NiceHash; this is my personal view & conclusion about some more or less obvious basics in Crypto mining and particularly using NiceHash.
Comments & critics welcome...
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Can anything ever be proven? What about ten years from now?

The elephant in the room when dealing with the Mandela Effect is the notion of “proof”.
Since you currently can not prove private thoughts and memories (though this really is being worked on) how can you prove anything?
Not just a Mandela Effect but anything at all?
Our technology has advanced to the point where almost anything can be easily faked and look convincing.
If someone films actual aliens stepping out of their spacecraft with perfect “in frame” focus and clarity using the best video equipment currently available on the planet it would not be enough because someone would rightly step forward and say that because it was filmed with digital equipment, it can be easily altered and edited.
If another person who grew up listening to stories at family gatherings about how grandpa found the Lost Dutchman’s gold in the Superstitions mountains but passed away without telling anyone where he hid the map later finds not only the map hidden in the attic, but photographs of him holding up bars of gold one day, it still won’t be enough unless he recovers the gold.
Let’s say this person follows the map and finds the location only to find an empty cave and broken crates and he later wants to show his “proof” that grandpa really was on to something...what will happen?
People will say “I need to see the gold” right?
He has the pictures and the map but debunkers claim that because 4K resolution is superior to the grains of silver nitrate in density that they can be faked even though the paper seems to check out as being over 100 years old that they were printed on.
Never mind that the gold ingots could be faked even if you produced them.
So how do we prove anything now?
Well, coincidently, blockchain authentication seems to have arrived just in time to save the day.
I don’t think this is a coincidence at all and I find it provides a motive for “muddying the waters” with something like the Mandela Effect.
I believe the Mandela Effect is absolutely a real thing - I’ve seen enough to convince me of that...but I also believe that there are those who wish to capitalize on the opportunity to convince the world at large why we should accept a blockchain ledger and authentication as the solution to a number of our modern world problems.
I don’t buy this whole war on “Fake News” has all the makings of a deliberate propaganda campaign, and I certainly don’t agree with this move toward Internet censorship and the removal of anonymity from the Net to combat it.
So short of capturing a live Bigfoot and displaying him in the Zoo for everyone to see - How do you prove anything new or strange?
Arithmetic seems to be immune to the Effect but how does mathematics prove our captured Sasquatch is real and not some bioengineered creature designed in a laboratory somewhere using genetic manipulation?
Who do you want to believe? Your lying eyes and experiences - or a blockchain ledger of events in the future?
I wrote about the Life Log project awhile back and it really seems to tie into this in a pretty big way.
Think of where we are going to be ten years from now...will there be such a thing as “belief” anymore?
What do you think?
Edit: I added this from the comment section because it probably belongs here in the Post:
I am going to elaborate a little bit on this tie-in to the Life Log Project because I feel it is really important. Blockchain technology wasn't around publicly in 2004 when Life Log was supposedly canceled by DARPA but when you read about what they were hoping to achieve with it, a blockchain ledger of events is exactly what it needed to work the way they envisioned.
The researchers who were working on Life Log didn't just stop what they were doing - they continued developing it and said so openly.
People think mostly about Bitcoin when the subject of Blockchain ledgers comes up in a conversation but it is so much more than that!
It can be used to create contracts, track almost anything, and act like an eternal Stenographer and reliable Historian...that's really the goal here - to put everything on the Blockchain ledger.
I say "The Blockchain" because eventually that is what will happen, there will be only one because you don't need more than that, and it is a waste of resources, energy, and computational power to do so once individuals and the Government agree that this is the path we are going to take.
It's the same reason that there will likely only be "The A.I." in the not too distant future - once a true general A.I. is achieved, there really can only be one if the Internet is used as it's neural pathways because the entire network will be its "brain".
There are a lot of really positive sounding things that can come out of this, here are some examples:
It all sounds like some kind of Utopia in a way...but what if you don't want to participate in it and just want to "go live in the woods"?
Well, trees and forests are valuable resources and will also be on the blockchain as a way to protect and monitor them.
We really need to think this through before participating in it because I don't see a way to turn back once it starts...and how does this tie in to the Mandela Effect?
A little too convenient I think to have this technology at the ready, and though I don't think it is what's behind the Effect at all - it certainly works in the favor of those who want to implement this system.
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Goddammit, Chicago Med

I don't watch the show, but it came on and I didn't change the channel fast enough.
Tonight's episode featured some scary looking ransomware that shut down the entire system. Xray, EMR, (I don't work in a hospital but I imagine it even took down systems that have no business being on the network). The fee was 30 bitcoins. Fine, I can accept a plot device when I see it.
Throughout the episode the entire staff is begging the director to pay up, who refused because it was against policy. End of logic. Nothing about backups, nothing about whether paying would even work, nothing about how it got in or what to do to prevent it. Instead, she leaves it up to a single millennial nerd whose contributions apparently amount to standing in the middle of a group of people and staring at a cart full of iPads.
About halfway through the episode the systems reboot and the virus is gone. Everywhere. Poof. Again, plot. As everyone is cheering 'the IT guy' whose name is mentioned literally once, he comes out and shrugs it off - "huh? Oh, I didn't do anything." THEN HE GOES BACK TO THE FUCKING IPAD CART LIKE HE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT HAPPENED.
Turns out some handsome doctor pulled the money out of his trust fund (which we knew was going to happen because he said he was going to at the start of the episode) and paid the ransom.
These are the lessons I have learned:
I haven't been this pissed since the Muppets' Chip the IT Guy.
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Ethereum spam?

Tired of waiting an hour for your bitcoin transaction to get 6 confirmations? In Ethereum it takes about 20 seconds for a confirmation.
...bla bla bla
Anyone else getting similar spam messages via reddit?
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Made a Cryptocurrency Wiki, since Bitcoin Wiki is censored and didn't cover intertwined connections, which to me is very interesting

I know today hurts us in our portfolios but hey, let's focus on building the ecosystem instead of focussing on price drops like the ones today.
This collection of information started out as a way to aid my own memory since there is so much happening in this crypto space. Can’t remember every technical term, name and connection, right?
Some of this info is not necessarily my own opinion plus I have tried to stay as neutral as possible.

The wiki is divided in 4 sections:


In which you will find explanations on often used terms and slang. Stuff like Whales, UASF's, what a nonce is and many Proof-of's).


A long list of many cryptocurrencies and all the info I have come upon. Big ones like Bitcoin) and Monero). And smaller ones like FlorinCoin) or Veritaseum). Scams are also warned for.


The many groups and projects that circle around this Crypto mania. Exchanges like Kraken, wallets like Jaxx, see all the intertwined links a company like Digital Currency Group has. But also big known names like Google and Microsoft have a lot of links with crypto projects these days.


Where you can read that Jesse Powell played Magic the Gathering with Roger Ver in highschool or how many projects Anthony Di Lorio is involved in. Get to know Steven Nerayoff, a man who advises at least 9 projects.
Like I said, it started out as just something I made for myself, but grew, and now friends and also anons use it to quickly check something out or refreshen their memory.
I am only human, so if there are mistakes, or something that is outdated, or is missing, hit me up or help out!
Found this helpful?
You might wanna check out my Medium account, I made a couple pieces to help out new beginners, stuff like and introduction to Crypto, how to accept crypto in your own business, and also a checklist to use before you invest into a coin. They were made back in early 2017, so some information might be a bit dated, but they have helped out many people I met at meetups and stores or online.
Have a good one fellow blockchain fanatics!
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You guys finally did it.

I have been an active supporter of bitcoin for a while now. I love seeing more and more people and companies accepting bitcoin, and people spreading the word about it. Lately though, the community just doesn't feel like it should. A lot of people just are waiting for bitcoin to go back up and are just sitting on it. (I understand that that is what many people are doing, but there's not as much community action going on as with other altcoins)
Now, when I first heard of dogecoin, I thought it was a joke. A coin based on a meme? This is not going to work out. But then, the community kept growing, more and more people started hearing about it, and the dogecoin community was happy about it. No animosity. Accepting of pretty much anything. This is what drew my attention to it. I started to take it a bit more seriously, and wondered if it would make it as an altcoin.
Then the stuff with sending a team to the Olympics happened. When I heard about that, all I could think was 'wow, dogecoin did that'. I then subbed to here, and was surprised how happy and uplifting everyone here seems to be. I knew then that because of the growing community here, and just how everyone here feels about cryptocurrency, even during crashes when everyone's attitude is still up there, that this was the community to be a part of.
So you guys finally did it. You have won me over, and I have just bought a few dogecoins to start off what I know is going to be a wonderful relationship. Thank you.
All I have left to say is: To the moon!
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Ripple vs. RaiBlocks for short-mid 2018 holdings. Thoughts?

Curious what the community thinks of these two since both are so hot right now.
Personally I converted the bulk of my $1 XRP into XRB at $9 a few days ago. Kind of regretting it now of course, but I do find XRB fascinating. Not wanting to lose out on XRP I converted my BTC into XRP since BTC seems to be in a gradual decline right now. Got about a 10-25% gain almost immediately so that's nice.
What I see coming up for XRP:
What I see for XRB:
I'm thinking XRP has the more immediate growth potential as well as long-term growth potential, while XRB seems to have stalled in the short term but has some definite longer-term potential, assuming they can prove attack resistance/etc. (I know a lot of people are hyping the "new XRB exchanges" but there have been some warnings against at least one of them now)
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18 minutes per block currently - Update / Gravity Well Needed?

Hashing spiked very high then dropped hard leaving the normal target of 2.5 minutes per block currently at about 18 minutes per the SecDSM Dashboard.
If we can get the code updated to the current Litecoin base it would be great to add some Gravity Well code. We need it b/c we have such a small amount of hashing power and it would fix the slow changing difficulty levels that arise when ASICs dump a huge amount of hashing power then stop, leaving only 1% of the total hash rate, and all those slow miners have to work through block times that take 10x as long (and get a 10x less reward for doing it.)
Dark Gravity Wave (DGW) apparently fixes some exploit in Kimoto Gravity Well.
I think the bug in MPOS showing est. next block info incorrectly based on the 720 vs. 2016 blocks (?) may be factoring in here.
Looks like darkmatter tried to start to recompile or update. Anyone want to take a lead here?
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Bitcoin "(capitalised) refers to both the open source software used to create the virtual currency and the peer-to-peer network formed as a result; 'bitcoin' (lowercase) refers to the individual units of the virtual currency.". Overview [edit edit source]. Developed in 2009 by an anonymous programmer or programmers (using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto), bitcoin is a privately-issued, open ... Bitcoin is the first, most popular, and most widespread cryptocurrency on the market. Bitcoin is used to make anonymous payments and is an open-source and free software. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network, meaning that it does not have one central authority that controls it, rather a collaborative group of computers run around the world known as nodes. Bitcoin has a mysterious and elusive ... Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: transaction management and money issuance are carried out collectively by the network. The original Bitcoin software by Satoshi Nakamoto was released under the MIT license. . Most client software, derived or "from ... Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It is the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central bank or single administrator. The network is peer-to-peer and transactions take place between users directly, without an intermediary. These transactions are verified by network nodes through the use of cryptography and recorded in a public distributed ... Bitcoin verwendet eine verteilte öffentliche universelle Datenverzeichnis, die über ein dezentralisiertes Peer-to-Peer-Netzwerk verbreitet wird. Das Netzwerk verwendet digitale Signaturen und wird von einem proof-of-Work-Protokoll (einem Protokoll für den Arbeitsnachweis) unterstützt, um die Sicherheit und Legitimität der verwendeten Gelder zu gewährleisten.

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Link zum Youtube-Kanal von Alexander Mittermeier "Krypto Report": TIPP: Sichere Dir wöchentlich ... Skip navigation Sign in. Search Start trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency here: Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency. All Bitcoin transactions are docume... Support the stream: Bitcoin has heavy price resistance at the 200 moving average on the daily chart. BTC needs to... BITCOIN 2020 bis 2022 GENAUE PROGNOSE! Holt euch kostenlose 112$ bei Phemex: So bekommst du di...